auto body supplies

These blocks are used for a variety of auto body repair jobs, such as buffing and sanding, body filler shaping, and reduction of high spots in a car’s body work.

Tips for DIY Auto Body Repairs

Taking a vehicle to a body shop for auto body repairs can cost a fortune; thankfully, though, there is often a more cost-effective solution. With a few tools and auto body supplies and just a little bit of know-how, most drivers can handle basic auto body repairs themselves. Read on to find a few tips and tricks for DIY auto body repairs.

Dent Repairs

Even conscientious drivers sometimes get into minor accidents, but getting rid of the unsightly dents is actually quite easy. If the dent is located on a larger panel and has not broken the vehicle's finish, it's often possible to pull it out at home using a household plunger. For dents in smaller areas that are near creases, often tapping gently around the dent's edges can pop the metal back into place, but it's important not to break the finish, as chipped paint can lead to rusty metal.

Paint Touch Ups

Scratches and scrapes can take the finish off of a car's body, leaving the metal underneath prone to rust. Body shops often charge exorbitant prices to touch these up, but all that's really required is a bottle of touch-up paint and a few tools. In order to get the right match, drivers should check the manufacturer's paint bode located either in the glove box or on the door jam.

Once the right shade has been acquired, simply wash the scraped area with soapy water, then wet some fine grit sandpaper and carefully sand the scrape's edges. Allow the area to dry for around 10 minutes after it has been sanded, then brush a light coat of paint over the scrape. Be sure to perform paint repairs on a sunny day with low humidity, or inside of a heated and dehumidified building.

The Right Tools

As with most things in life, the right tools are essential for producing high-quality results. Everything necessary for performing basic body repairs is available online, but it's important to do some research to ensure that these supplies are being purchased from a reputable supplier. Check out for one source of high-quality and inexpensive auto body tools, supplies, and more.


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